Sex Tip For Men (This Will Make You GREAT In Bed)

– Every now and then,(pleasant music) I like to record a video with a sex tip or technique that's so profound, so powerful, that it can globally change your lovemaking, like, overnight, and immediately makeyou into a great lover.

Now, the bar is set pretty low, as I mentioned before,in being a great lover.

Most men are clueless.

We are really not justuninformed, we're disinformed.

We're constantly learning the wrong things in terms of what womenreally want in the bedroom.

And sometimes just one little insight, I have other videos like this throughout, one little insight that I hope can make a global transformation.

And if you get this, youcan be what most women would consider wow, that was the best sex I ever had in my life, the best lover that they've ever been with, like, immediately after watching this video.

That's possible.

I'm just telling you rightnow, that's possible.

So I'm gonna give you this tip.

And the first thing you'regonna notice is hey, I think I've heard that somewhere before.

So I just want you to knowthat you probably have.

This is not that uncommon a tip.

But what you're usuallymissing is the explanation.

Understanding why it works is what make, I mean, you can just do it.

You could try it out, the tip, and probably, you'll be better.

If you've heard this tip before and try it out that night with your woman.

You were like wow, that was great sex.

It actually does workjust by kinda listening to the flat advice.

But if you understand it, if you get what's going on underneath it, then you become themaster of the technique.

And then, it actually globally informs the way that you make love.

So let's get to it.

Here's the tip: slow down.

Right, you've heard it before.

Like, just slow the fuck down,slow down in the bedroom.

Here are the reasons why and why it's gonna start to make sense.

Please watch this to the end, because as I go forward,it's gonna layer up.

And it's really when youget all of it combined that you're really gonnaunderstand why this is so powerful.

Okay, first of all, you probablyknow that most of the time, women get turned on more slowly than men.

Men, you know, sometimesit takes like a second.

You see, you know, a beautiful set of boobs; whoop, turned on, right.

But for women, they can seea beautiful, gorgeous man and go wow, he is so hot,and not necessarily be wet, not necessarily be ready for sex, not necessarily be ready for orgasm.

But, you know, a man, once he's got hiserection, he's turned on.

And, of course, as you get older, when you're my age, ittakes a little bit longer.

It could take (puffing)as long as 20 seconds.

But for a lot of women,it's still much slower.

That's why we talk so much about foreplay and the importance of foreplay.

And the interesting thingis if you just slow down, if you just kiss a little longer, undress her a little longer,do everything a little longer, you've actually done foreplay.

You've actually took careof the foreplay thing.

And there are times where awoman gets turned on quickly because the whole nighthas been turning her on.

It's like, you know, it's the third date.

She thinks well, maybewe're gonna do it tonight.

She's full of anticipationand craziness, right.

And then, by the time you get there, she's actually been foreplaying herself.

That actually, it's done it for her.

But most of the time,women just take longer.

And so this takes careof foreplay as well.

And the next thing the chapterhas said about slowing down is that not only does ittake care of foreplay, but it layers on this otherpiece, which is anticipation.

And anticipation and teasing, right, can also be, as a totally separate tip, totally separate technique, can be very powerfully erotic for a woman.

When you go straight tothe clitoris, for example, it's often kinda disappointing.

That little tease, that anticipation, that building of oh my god,when is he gonna do it, is he gonna do it, that anticipation can also be powerfully erotic.

That's kind of a tip itself.

But again, if you imagine justthis idea of slowing down, you can see that anticipationand teasing are, again, they're built, they'rebaked into what's going on.

So again, just another reasonwhy slowing down is good.

Stick with me here, because this does get even more interestingand more powerful.


The next piece is that at some point, you might be doing something to bring her to orgasmthat is pretty aerobic.

Some women like some reallydeep, fast thrusting.

And there's only so longthat you can keep that going.

So before you get to that aerobic stuff, If she's not turned on enough, then what happens is you might not be able to continue long enoughto bring her to orgasm.

Well, also, it may behighly erotic to you, and it may be something that causes you to ejaculate too early, right.

But if she's so turned on by the time you get to that point, that thing that is gonna bring her to orgasm, but also might bring you to orgasm, that might require some aerobicactivity from you, then.

You know, you might not make it.

The other piece of this is that sometimes, some women who need fastand hard, for example, penetration in order to have an orgasm.

Some women do; not all women.

But imagine you're with a woman who's like that, who really enjoys that, or enjoys that tonight, alright.

Well, what happens is ifshe's not turned on enough when you begin, then as youcontinue and you do this, it's not necessarily gonna get her more and more turned onand bring her to orgasm.

In fact, what happensis the sameness of it, the repetitiveness of it, at some point causes a oversaturationof her nerve endings, and it's no longer physically stimulating, just like when you're in areally crowded, noisy place.

At some point, all thatcrowded and noisiness that was so loud when you first walked in doesn't seem that loud anymore.

It kind of reaches itsown level of silence.

And you don't want your deep thrusting to become just a levelof silence, alright.

But if you slow down, youarrive to that point later.

Then, what happens is you actually end up at a place where she's aroused enough where it can do its job.

So again, the overall experience, the overall sex, much improved.

Okay, before I get to the last part that really wraps this whole thing up, just a little quick piece of housekeeping, which is if you have any commentsor you have any questions, you want further stuff around this, please leave a comment below.

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Alright, now, here's the big finale.

The other thing about slowingdown is that it gets you to explore something,to experience something, that you might've never otherwise tried and maybe she never otherwise tried.

There is somethingexcruciatingly romantic, excruciatingly erotic, and sometimes, excruciatingly orgasmic for a woman about extremely, extremelyslow movement, slow thrusting.

You know, in porn, you're always seeing the fast flick of the tongue.

You're always seeing the fast pounding.

And women will tellyou, experienced women, women who've been with great lovers, will tell you that that is notalways what does the trick.

Some women don't findthat particularly erotic.

But here's the deeper thing.

Here's the big mind fuck,especially if you're younger or you date younger women.

Alotta women who are intheir 20s or younger, they've also watched alotta porn.

They just can't help it.

It is everywhere, and it infects them.

And they've only been withmen who watched alotta porn.

And they think that's theway it's supposed to be done.

These women, they scream,they writhe, they moan.

When are they screaming,writhing, and moaning? During the deep, fast dicking, of course.

And so they think that's whatthey're supposed to like.

They even like it.

They may like it.

They may have neverexperienced the possibility of an orgasm done at slow speed.

And it's different, and it's powerful.

And for alotta women, even women who think that whatthey want is that thing that they've seen in porn, the only thing that they have ever known,they think that's the way it's.

Even those woman might findthat the most powerful orgasm that they have ever had in their life happens so slowly in thisintense, erotic moment.

And it takes them by surprise.

It takes them by storm andcompletely rewrites her code on what's possible for her erotically.

And when you experience this, it might rewrite the entire code on the things that you might find erotic.

Because most of us men,we have been so infected by the disinformation,the bad information, of watching what turned us on in video, but may or may not bewhat turns us on the most when we're actually theone who's making love and not the one who's watching it.

And it really is different,it really is different.

What's erotic to watchand what's erotic to do, what's pleasurable to watchand what's pleasurable to do, are not always the same thing.

And this is a huge insight.

And you can only get it,you can only feel it, you can only know it in yourself, if you slow the fuck down.