Queen Royal – Royal SCANDAL: The 12 royal SECRETS that shocked the world

 We have never been short of things to say about the Royal family, with a history of controversy, divorces and shock deaths But did you know these 12 royal secrets?12 royal secrets that shocked the worldQueen Elizabeth never married Elizabeth I’s love life has always been the subject of great speculation  She is alleged to have died a virgin – she was known as the Virgin Queen – but was also rumoured to have many lovers  She ascended to the throne in 1558 but she never married.

The succession crisis of 1817 King George’s nine sons failed to marry a respectable woman to produce a legitimate heir  The future King George IV managed to marry but the sole child of his loveless marriage died childless in 1817 and this started a succession crisis  This prompted George’s sons into marrying European princesses in order to conceive the next heir, which was eventually won by Edward, Duke of Clarence, King George III’s third son, who in 1819 fathered the future Queen Victoria The trial of Queen Caroline King George IV ascended the throne in 1820 but the new king did not get on with his wife and was determined to keep her off th throne  George took Caroline to court for adultery and believe the public would side with him but the public instead rallied behind Caroline Prince Charles and Princess Diana marriage The couple’s relationship was strained, and full of controversy, no less when news of their engagement was announced and Prince Charles responded when asked if he was in love by saying “whatever ’in love’ means ” News of their infidelities were made public and Diana famously told a global audience “there were three of us in this marriage, so it was bit crowded ”Abdication of King Edward VIII King Edward VIII had to abdicate the throne when he fell in love with American divorcee, Wallis Simpson  A king’s marriage to a divorcee with a living ex-spouse would have violated civil and religious law, so he was forced to step down from the throne, and Queen Elizabeth’s father, George VI inherited the throne Love life of Princess Margaret The younger daughter of the Queen, Princess Margaret had many love conquests  She started an affair with the married Peter Townsend but Margaret refused and in 1960 she married the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, who she ultimately divorced Annus Horribilis The year 1992 was referred to by the Queen as her “annus horribilis” – horrible year  In 1992, three of her four children made steps towards ending their marriages and the great fire of Windsor Castle devastated much of the Queen’s castle Marriage of Princess Charles to Camilla The world was shocked when Prince Charles announced he would marry Camilla, the woman he had loved since before his marriage to Princess Diana Princess Camilla Camilla chose not to take the title of Princess Consort when she married Charles, even though she had the right to  Robert Jobson wrote in his book Charles at Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams: “This book’s exclusive insider source of the story had been spot on…that Camilla, when married, would not take the title HRH The Princess of Wales, even though it was her right to do so, as it could be insensitive and cause hostility with Diana, Princess of Wales, in mind ”Princess Beatrice’s boyfriend Princess Beatrice’s new boyfriend, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi is not without controversy  It is believed Edoardo was still living with his ex-wife Dara Huang when he started dating Beatrice  Huang and Edoardo shared a two-year-old son.

Nazi controversy In 2005, Prince Harry sparked controversy when he went to a costume party dressed as a Nazi  The Royal family were forced to go into damage control after the publication of Harry’s choice of costume which upset politicians, pressure groups and religious leaders Meghan’s first year as a Royal In recent months Meghan has been the subject of many headlines, accusing her of being a difficult royal, tensions with Kate and hostility with palace staff.