[GET] $27 SVG GALAXY V2 + OTOs Bonus

[GET] $27 SVG GALAXY V2 + OTOs Bonus
SVG Galaxy v2 contains 10 SVG packages in 10 local niches, each of them is designed to make you multiple videos … yes, you will be able to create not one, but multiple videos in each niche. A package in SVG Galaxy v2 includes 3 sections :
[GET] $27 SVG GALAXY V2 + OTOs Bonus
  1. ‘Problems’ – that illustrate customer’s problem
  2. ‘Solutions’ – that introduce the business and what they can do to solve customer’s problem
  3. ‘Ending/CTA’ – that illustrate the endings of the video and call-to-actions

You already know that video is a proven tool to drive sales and interact with customers. We all are trying to create better videos to use as a weapon in our business and whiteboard video is a great type to choose. With the help of powerful softwares like Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro and Videoscribe, more and more people are creating whiteboard videos for their business or make money selling video to local businesses.
But recently, we have a big problem. People have become much more critical. They will NOT watch a whiteboard video just because it’s whiteboard video. Video with poor artworks don’t work any more.
Do we have a solution? Yes. It’s to create new and new artworks to use. But… the solution quickly became problem again. If you’ve been looking for new SVG packages, you must have seen something like a ‘Doctor’ whiteboard SVG package that contains 20 poses of a doctor. Smiling doctor, angry doctor, worried doctor, or any poses of a doctor.
[GET] $27 SVG GALAXY V2 + OTOs Bonus
Inside SVG Galaxy v2 there are 10 niches in total, and you can find many many high-paying clients that are raving to high-quality whiteboard videos :
  1. Pediatrician
  2. Personal Injury Lawyer
  3. Bankruptcy Lawyer
  4. Pest Control
  5. Painting Contractor
  6. Physical Therapist
  7. Insurance Agency
  8. Bookkeeper
  9. Electrician
  10. Dermatologist

Your potential of a good income from SVG Galaxy v2 doesn’t stop here. SVG Galaxy v2 was designed not only for video but for any project that needs cartoonist graphics. You can make more money offering these services to local businesses : business presentation, web banner/web graphic, infographic, printable objects like standee, brochure … and more!!
SVG Galaxy v2 Review – Bonus
Bonus #1 : More than 900 SVG files : The SVGs is created professionally so it will perfectly rendered and give you a real drawing effect instead of digitally drawing effect inside the video…. contains 20 Modules in specific categories , and 250+ SVG. The characters are in various niche, divided it per categories, except for the bonus, it is contains many characters in different area.

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[GET] $27 SVG GALAXY V2 + OTOs Bonus

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